Local Wildlife Sites (LWS) living list and locations

View our list of all the LWS in Oxfordshire and Berkshire with their approximate locations.

We maintain a 'living list' of the LWS in each local authority area in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. We update the list every May for the previous year.

You can download the list and a map for each area below. You can request a data search on the sites for more detailed information about:

  • site location and boundary
  • area (ha)
  • designation date
  • last survey date
  • site description
  • notable and protected habitats and species
  • proposed LWS
  • proposed extensions to existing LWS

You should consider the proposed LWS and proposed extensions the same as the designated LWS for planning and development purposes.

Berkshire local wildlife sites

There are 815 local wildlife sites (plus 40 proposed) in Berkshire, covering 8.6% of the area. View the list and map for each area below:

Oxfordshire local wildlife sites

There are 406 local wildlife sites (plus 81 proposed) in Oxfordshire, covering 3% of the county area. View the list and map for each area below: