Researchers and students

We provide ecological data services to researchers and students.

Our data

We collect data from professional and volunteer surveyors. We carefully check all data before integration into our central database. We are confident that we provide information of known quality in a format that suits our customers.

We are the only organisation that can provide you with this information. 

We can provide you with data from Berkshire and Oxfordshire about:

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Our service

We supply a standard biodiversity report within three working days of receiving your request. View our data search charges.


We offer a discount for academics or professionals conducting research for conservation purposes.


If you are studying for a qualification and have a passion for learning, we can collaborate on your coursework or projects. Access to our database and contacts can give you a valuable head start. Consider taking on one of our selection of projects for your dissertation or research work. 

You may be able to complete data analysis projects with us.

Sharing your records with us

Schedule in sufficient time for data management at the end of your project. Set yourself a reminder to send us the data.

The data collected by researchers and students is high quality. If we received all of this data, our database would be even more useful to you than it is now.

Our preferred method is for you to send us an Excel spreadsheet of your records at regular intervals. You can send data to us at any time of year. We continuously update our database.

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We rely on recorders like you

We are a not-for-profit organisation. We rely on receiving data from every source possible to improve our database of environmental information. Your wildlife records will help protect and enhance our environment by improving our data quality and quantity.