About our data

An overview of the data we hold and who can access it.

Records and sites

We hold high-quality data for Berkshire and Oxfordshire, including:

We also hold boundary data for:

  • conservation target areas (CTA) in Oxfordshire 
  • biodiversity opportunity areas (BOA) in Berkshire

The Berkshire Local Nature Partnership and Wild Oxfordshire use these landscape-scale conservation areas to coordinate biodiversity work in Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

Data coverage

View our species data page to learn about our data coverage.

Learn about how we quality check all of the data we add to our database.

Who can access our data

Learn about the data you can access through our services.

We have published guidance for:

hare silhouette

Why we need data

We need high-resolution, quality-assured, and up-to-date data to get a clear picture of the state of nature. These data are vitally important for our partners and data users to make evidence-based decisions about the natural environment.